The idea of calling/vocation has recently been bubbling up in my thinking. A very deeply crucial, and yet astoundingly simple truth, buried deep in my subconscious–probably due to a lecture, book, conversation or some other source–has resurfaced before my eyes. Simply, that I, Matteo, am called to be Matteo and no one else can fulfill that calling.  Every activity, every prayer, every act of faith, every moment of decision that I am faced with; all of it has been providentially formed to fit who I am, in order for me to fulfill God’s calling for me.

Please note, I am not advocating a Christ-less self-fulfilment ‘be the best version of yourself’ individualism. What I am saying, though, is that there is no room for self doubt in the Kingdom. Instead, I propose that in being emptied of myself, embracing the cross,  and being marked as God’s own by his Spirit, can I then fulfill God’s very specific calling to be Matteo.


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